We were at a six percent VAT but luxury goods now

But for the long run GST will be helpful for sustainable and long term growth. Secondly, it brings a lot of transparency about service taxes.Aashmeen Munjaal, makeup artist and beauty expertOne good thing about GST is that it brings uniformity. We may encounter hiccups in the beginning but I feel in the long run, it’s all good.The GST is definitely going to affect our business, just like demonetisation did: Kunal Anil Tanna Still reeling from the impact of demonetisation, the fashion and beauty industry braces itself for the effect of GST on their business. Amy Billimoria, designerThere’s a lot of chaos and confusion at the moment and we are trying to get ourselves educated about the whole new law.

GST can play a central role in accelerating growth in the domestic market and making India become a player in the international markets. The tax has gone from 12 to 28 percent on goods and services. I feel people won’t China PET injection molding machine Manufacturers be able to maintain a set budget. But eventually everyone will get used to it..Samant Chauhan, designerGST has impacted almost every industry and consumer.Kunal Anil Tanna, designerThe GST is definitely going to affect our business, just like demonetisation did. Percentage levied on designers could have been low as it’s a wrong perception that all designer wear is expensive. It’s going to hugely impact our sales. So while dealing with clients, we won’t have to explain too much. Also, the tax on discounting will bring all the E-Com players on the same ground where the companies will not be able to influence the customer by undue discounting of products. I just hope things settle soon. Industry experts anticipate the implication of the tax reform on their sales. India has a large garment production base which is supported by an even larger domestic market. I trust our government and in the long run it will benefit everyone.

We were at a six percent VAT but luxury goods now come under the 28 percent, so it’s a huge hike. But it is expected to be positive in the long term. Also, this industry will start getting more registered taxpayers under a well regulated system. Harsh Shah, co-founder, FyndWe are expecting a reduction of rates due to the effect of Anti-Profiteering law on the rates of products which is speculated to go up.Mansi Bhasin, Creative head, OLBEESGST would enable a smoother input credit system which would shift the balance towards the organised sector. In the short run it might cause some issues and discomfort but in the long run, it will be good. Sales will definitely go slow for a month. Also, beauty services are also hugely affected but with such raised tax rate, I think people are going to rethink their sessions of monthly pampering.Bharti Taneja, beauty entrepreneurBeauty products and services may become a luxury, that’s what I fear the most. If I want to open a franchise in another city, another state, I’ll be able to do that smoothly because GST laws are applicable uniformly everywhere.Gautam Gupta, designerGST is a good step and I welcome it.

Botox and fillers can relax facial muscles that caus

THE ASIAN AGE.Anti-aging skin care in your 30s has a different focus than it did when you were in your 20s because of changes to the body internally and also externally.Make exercising regularly a habit: Even though you’re preoccupied with your work routine, make sure you exercise on a regular basis. Instead, use gentler alternatives that can help retain the skin’s oils and make your skin have a natural and healthy glow. Constant UV exposure builds up over time which can cause premature aging, hyper-pigmentation and enlarged pores.Not getting enough sleep in your 30s will lead to puffy bags under your eyes, dryness and more visible wrinkles.Moisturising your skin works wonders:Dry, dehydrated skin can accentuate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 6-8 hours of sleep can help in making your skin look less aged..Take treatments such as botox and fillers into consideration:No matter the amount of care you give to your skin with constantly treating it with anti-aging products, sometimes it still doesn’t work effectively to curb signs of aging.

Keeping your skin moisturised can essentially prevent it from aging.Increase internal hydration: Hydrating your internal organs will have an obvious impact on the health of your skin. Collagen and Vitamin E specifically help the skin look healthy and rejuvenated.Stay less exposed to the sun:Constant UV exposure builds up over time which can cause premature aging, hyper-pigmentation and enlarged pores.Exercising daily can not only prevent your skin from sagging but can also be effective in keeping your body healthy.Take beauty sleep seriously: Good sleep is fundamental since it allows the skin to reboot and replenish. In addition to taking in the appropriate amount of water( 3-4litres) each day, you should also consider taking a daily supplement that will promote healthy and hydrated cells. After 30, your skin generally starts sagging.

Botox and fillers can relax facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles making you look 10 years younger. Published: Jun 8, 2018, 1:53 pm IST Updated: Jun 8, 2018, 1:53 pm IST Anti-aging skin care in 30s has different focus than it did when one was in 20s because of changes to body internally and externally.Wearing sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 at all times is the key to save your skin from losing it’s youthfulness.Here are some tips to maintain a dewy glow and line-less visage even after your 30s.Use gentler cleansers to replenish your skin’s oils instead of harsh products:You may have needed harsh acne products to keep your blemishes under control in your two color injection molding machine 20s but you have to be very careful to use the same products in your 30s since the skin can react to them differently, damaging it and ultimately making it looking older.The rise in growth hormones allows damaged cells to repair themselves. Almonds and walnuts can be beneficial since they contain omega 3. If your skin is susceptible to being dry, then try putting on your moisturiser immediately after your shower to lock in the moisture

النفخات إعادة امتصاص القطرة المبردة

سي على التوالي "- وأكثر بعد الجهود المتكررة." هذا السلوك الفقاعي "، كما قال لوكالة فرانس برس ، يبدو" وسيلة فعالة للغاية للنفث لتعزيز التبريد التبخيري ، وبالتالي ، خفض درجة حرارة أجسامهم. كشف العلماء يوم الخميس عن وجود فقاعات بعصائر معدتها من خلال فمها ، ثم تمتصها مرة أخرى ، وقد لوحظت قبل ذلك عملية نفخ الفقاعات والحقن الهجينة المصنعين ، ولكن وظيفتها ظلت غامضة حتى الآن. بينما يعتبر التعرق واللهث طريقة تبريد فعالة للثدييات والطيور ، فإن تبخر سطح الجسم أكثر صرامة بالنسبة للحشرات ذات الهياكل العظمية الخارجية المغطاة بالشمع.

أشار الفريق إلى أن الذباب فجر المزيد من الفقاعات مع زيادة درجة حرارة الهواء ، ولكن أقل في المناطق الرطبة حيث الرطوبة في الهواء تعوق التبخر ، وقد تستخدم الحشرات الأخرى نفس طريقة ذبابة المراحيض ، لكن تلك التي يمكنها تفجير وقال أندرادي: "إن فقاعة كبيرة كبيرة بما يكفي لحجم جسمها ، ولكن معًا تعتبر الملاحظات بمثابة" دليل دامغ "على أن نفخ الفقاعة يستخدم ، جزئيًا على الأقل ، لتنظيم درجة حرارة الجسم." تشتهر بإيداع بيضها على الحيوانات النافقة ، وقد تبنت الحيوانات مجموعة مثيرة من التقنيات لتنظيم درجة حرارة الجسم من خلال التبخر ، واستخدمت فريق أندرويد كاميرات تصوير بالأشعة تحت الحمراء للبحث عن أي تغيرات في درجة الحرارة على جسم الذبابة أثناء "سلوك الفقاعات". تمت ملاحظة فقاعة نفخ الذبابة من قبل ، لكن وظيفتها ظلت غامضة حتى الآن.

يتعرق البشر ، والكلاب تلهث ، والقطط تلعق فراءها. "ثم تعيد النفخات إعادة امتصاص القطرة المبردة ، التي تخفض درجة حرارة رأس الذبابة والصدر والبطن بمقدار 1. بينما التعرق واللهث طريقة تبريد فعالة للثدييات والطيور ، تبخر سطح الجسم أكثر صرامة بالنسبة للحشرات. وأوضح دينيس أندرادي من ساو باولو أنه "مع خروج السائل ، يحدث التبخر مما يخفض درجة حرارة السائل ، ثم تحرك الذبابة القطرة المبردة ، والتي تبرد درجة حرارة الجسم من الذبابة". جامعة الولاية في البرازيل ، التي شاركت في تأليف دراسة في مجلة hybrid injection molding machine Manufacturers، ولكن للبراعة ، قد تأخذ ذبابة Latrine الكعكة بشكل جيد للغاية ، ولاحظوا أن الفقاعة ذات اللون المحمر - تنمو لتضاعف حجم رأسها تقريبًا - - تبرد بسرعة ، "وصولا إلى ثماني درجات مئوية (14.5 درجة مئوية و 0. قد تتضمن وظائف أخرى الهضم. 4 درجات فهرنهايت) تحت درجة الحرارة المحيطة ، في غضون حوالي 15 ثانية" ، كتب الباحثون

Chintan conspired and took the help of other accused

During questioning, Chintan said China wholesale double color injection molding machine that he had met the absconding accused Vidyadhar Rajbhar at an undisclosed location and hatched a conspiracy to kill the duo, the court was told. He was arrested earlier in the day after sustained grilling by police, which found inconsistency in his statements, Additional CP (North) Fatesingh Patil said.Hema, a Baroda-born installation artist, was locked in bitter divorce proceedings with Chintan.

played a very important role in the crime and was in constant touch with Chintan

The company makes construction vehicles for ages

A little too steep price-wise? Head to Amazon for a nice looking tic-tac-toe table set in wood for 9. The company makes construction vehicles for ages 3-6 that a child must stack together themselves before playing. Look no further than Melissa & Doug, the mass producer with a wide variety.Table gamesFrom tic-tac-toe to backgammon, lots of table games come in wood.Some ideas:Wood on wheelsCars, trucks, construction vehicles, emergency vehicles: Wooden toys that move are everywhere. If you don’t, know that such toys can make great gifts.99, or a plywood 4 in a row game for 22. Best to check with a parent first before taking on the big ticket. Check out the world of Brio.99. If you’re not confident about gifting a full-size kitchen, go for a miniature set.05 and comes in white, yellow or green. Tender Leaf makes lots of other cool kitchen toys, too, including a color

ful espresso machine complete with coffee pods that drop and a milk jug.

Tender Leaf Toys, which makes a beautiful array of wooden toys, has a kitchen set intended for a dollhouse but perfectly suitable as a stand-alone gift. 64. 2,750.99. 44. (Photo: AP) New York: Why buy wooden toys for children? Chances are good you know at least one parent who sings their praises for durability, sustainability or magical powers to boost creativity. Pottery Barn Kids carries a wooden pet set complete with a rabbit and its hutch, a dog and its doghouse, and a cat and its cat bed.. Aerin makes a fancy Jenga, the classic balancing game, with blocks made of beech, stored in a cream or brown shagreen box with brass detailing.

How about a throwback? A company called Novanatural.MiscellaneousCircle stackers for infants and plastic injection molding machine toddlers are also plentiful, but one Etsy seller, SouthBendWorks, makes a lovely version in multicolored hardwood. 19. It also sells a French Solitaire Set that includes a circular board crafted in Italy from ashwood, with 33 brass balls. There are also food bowls and food, including a carrot for the bunny. On the handmade emporium Etsy.com, the shop TwentySevenUK sells a small wooden racing car that can be engraved with a child’s name and a special date.Kitchen toysLots of wooden play kitchens and toy appliances are out there, but they’ve got a lot of plastic competition. The brand is available everywhere

To most Indians the lives, ways and workings

How true! The job of a good administrator was probably to reduce the corruption to the bare minimum, with just enough oil to run the machine. As a respected IAS officer used to say, in every government FILE there is the LIFE of a poor man… These were the guiding principles that drove my actions and I think I stood by them and made a difference.During his first stint as sub-collector of Rajahmundry in East Godavari district, the author found the challenges thrown at the district administrator were diverse, ranging from the eternal land disputes and labour problems to handling VIP visits, controlling vested interests and even dealing with a monkey menace!Perhaps the most fascinating part of his narrative is how an administrator, the human interface of a largely anonymous government, interacts with people and how much difference he can make. Occasionally though, the seemingly impenetrable barrier is parted and a glimpse offered into the arcane world of India’s notorious bureaucracy.The author who should have been given a shot at the top administrative job of Telangana state was made chief secretary for a token tenure of just a month. That is the heartening lesson that emerges from this book. Fortunately, it is nothing of the sort. This is why when some IAS old timers boasted about their administrative exploits, one of the author’s friends would call them “tiger hunting stories”, hence the name of the book. To a few names that would come up, KCR would say that these officers were sharks and would swallow up the new state of Telangana if they came.The author’s take on corruption in government is interesting.

Pradeep Chandra, the book is a delightful autobiography of an Indian administrator. Later, the municipal commissioner, another IAS officer Sameer Sharma, told the author that “corruption in the Indian administration context was like oil in the machine. So great has the gulf grown between the citizen and the administrator that often it would appear the two belong to different species.This book, Tiger Hunting Days is one such example.”The average Indian today, rightly or wrongly, views IAS officers as haughty, often corrupt and unresponsive. During his initial meetings, he would keep asking Rajiv (the chief secretary) who would be allotted to Telangana. The author’s life from the beginning has been a series of real-life challenges involving the problems of the distressed and often of the least privileged. While he was collector of Visakhapatnam district, the author once berated the employees of the Vizag city municipal corporation, threatening them of dire consequences if any of them were found guilty of corruption. Delightful because it is a well written, essentially compassionate account about a bureaucrat’s life with all its challenges, pitfalls and moments of glory.One would imagine that this would be a humdrum account of a torpid life focused on files and rule books. The Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie, where the author received his training.Tiger Hunting Stories : Lessons On The Art Of The Possible, By K Pradeep Chandra HarperCollins pp 298; Rs 699. “As I discovered, this was to be the hardest thing to accomplish, yet it gave true meaning to my work… Every file that comes to government has an impact on someone and in most cases that will be a poor person. His extension was not pushed through. He also refers to “sharks” within the IAS without fully elaborating on the subject.

For, when he was starting off as an IAS officer, his father had told him that if he could make a concrete difference in the lives of 100 poor people, his life would have some meaning. If we try to remove the oil completely, the machine may come to a grinding halt.Pradeep Chandra looks back at his career spanning 34 years through a series of anecdotes beginning with his induction into the IAS, training and early postings in the districts of Andhra Pradesh to his rise as secretary in various departments and eventual retirement. Written by an obviously brilliant IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer, K.In one anecdote about how the chief minister of the newly formed Telangana state, Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao or KCR as he is better known, chose key IAS officers for his administration, the author writes: “The IAS officers likely to be allotted to Telangana were always important to KCR because he felt the officers had to deliver his promises. However, he retired on December 31, 2016, a happy man.”The author himself would have no truck with corruption and writes about many instances when officials obstructed progress on projects unless they were taken care of and so on. In doing so he has to constantly solve problems, some as challenging as confronting a tiger. The machine would malfunction if there was too much oil in the system or if the oil was completely removed from the machine. When the final allocation of officers was made, for a while KCR kept them away in insignificant posts. To most Indians the lives, ways and workings of the bureaucracy are as opaque as the mysterious mechanics of the invisible almighty. A country double color injection molding machine and its people rise if the good ultimately triumph.One would imagine that this would be a humdrum account of a torpid life focused on files and rule books. This book breaks that stereotype, suggesting that within the IAS, as in every other field in life, there are the good and the bad.The writer is an independent commentator on political and security issues.His hard-hitting speech apparently rattled the corporation. However, as time passed, the so-called sharks were given very important and critical positions in the government.”Sadly, the author does not touch upon the subject of IAS sharks in any detail: who they were and how they managed to survive in the government despite the knowledge that they were “sharks”

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